Well designed strategies and well strategized design


Design. Puzzles.


   Road Trip Enthusiast.  


Passionately Curious

Parsons The New School of Design ll  BBA Strategic Design and Management 

"I build better experience between business, culture, and most importantly, people. Design is not only about visuals!"



Connecting the Dots

interdisciplinary design in all aspects for business to communicate with each other and brands to connect with costumers

Five W's

who? what? where? when? why? Ask the right questions and develop conceptual models that lead to the right solutions

Team Player

Work with stakeholders to identify business opportunities through cultural implications and user experience

Road Trip & Star Gazing Enthusiast

As an observer, Annie applies her unique perspective from her multi-cultural background on cross-disciplinary projects. At a young age she found a passion and talent for critical thinking from puzzle games as well as an ever-growing curiosity for human emotions, exploring them through artistic experimentations. Her extra attention to life and design in everyday has brought her to the design strategy world.

Her work focuses on design thinking for company analysis, brand positioning, cultural insights, behavioral design and research.