Well designed strategies and well strategized design

Amne : Digital Strategy



Research Proposal: Amne

The project includes looking into Amne's competitors. Research outcomes and visions for a more design- forward interface. The goal is also to project a high- end life style the company is able to offer.



Amne Home Selling


Redesign a costumer oriented UX and strategy


Strategy, stakeholder research, competition, design, entrepreneurship, user experience, empathy thinking



Strength and Weaknesses

The company website was divided into six categories for the analyzing process. Strength and weaknesses are examined for help/feedback, accessibility, content/writing, page layout/ navigation, task orientation, trust/credibility.



Simple and Understandable

The new design will be part of the sustainable lean model as it serves customers as problem solvers. Bench marks and goals should be met by regular data and customers' activity evaluations. 


Success in Good Metrics

These prototypes and ideation maps magnify the transparency of the company and stress on the benefits of its service. Costumers should be able to receive information quickly as well as amne's objectives.

Operations and mistakes should be monitored for a qualitative metric to be considered for better improvements for the future.