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Chipotle Europe : Expansion Proposal


Case Study: Chipotle

The project focuses on researching the possibilities and predicting the outcomes of Chipotle's expanding visions. The process includes a deep dive into competitive brands in prospective markets, as well as in-depth analysis of current business model, operations, marketing strategies, etc. 


Chipotle Europe


To explore prospective markets around Europe


User experience research, trend forecasting, cultural research, company internal and external operation/marketing strategies

Team Members

Annie Chen, Sheena Fong


Key Steps to Operation

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Journey Map 

Focus Study on Performances and Culture of Existing store in Paris

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American Fast Food Culture


European Local Fast Food Culture


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Transferring and hiring the right people is one of the most important aspects of extending a company's culture and vision. Other than understanding the internal ecosystem, we need to be familiar with the local salaries and benefits as well. Hiring process will be based on a geocentric framework.

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Risk Management

We make an extra effort to partner with farmers, ranchers, and other suppliers, whose practices emphasize quality and responsibility.
— Chipotle
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Value Chain

Summarizing the activities and strategies from each department and how they effect each other working as a system

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