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Linge Au Coeur : Brand Strategy



Parsons Paris x Linge Au Coeur

The team was given a task to solve the problem the brand is facing: existing client base is too conventional and stylistically traditional. Working with Linge au Coeur, a French embroidery service since 1903, closely for four months, we are to ensure the history remains as we reinvent a new perspective of classic embroidery to the modern world. Series of events varies from conceptual ideas, story telling, visual representations, collaborations, performances to physical experiences. 


Revolutionize Brand Identity to fit younger audience


brand identity/strategy, trend forecasting, event planning, culture research


Miles Pope, Mauris Dusault, Suzannah Tarkington, Elizabeth Morrocco, Aida Kohen, Amelia Haney, Lior Fisher


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Linge au Coeur Classic Embroidery

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Vision for the Future

THE LINGE AU COEUR SCRAPBOOK%0B%0BThe Duchenoy private collection_Page_25.jpg
To change the perception of the limits of embroidery and inspire clients and their decorators to embrace more creative, contemporary possibilities
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New Identity

 An alternative modern line while staying true to its savoir-faire

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The Hella Jonghrius Private Collection

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The Futura Private Collection

The Book

Serves as a tangible and digital communication tool to showcase both "contemporary" and "classic" lines in an artisanal inspiring manner 

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Journey of the Book

Being the focus of the store, it will travel to galleries and exhibitions to bring viewers through a journey of Linge au Coeur history

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Branded Material

Increase visual identity and design for gifts as promotional items

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