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Philips: Opportunity Analysis



Case Study: Philips Lighting

The project analyzes the core value and company visions through lighting and health department from recent activities to company culture. The team suggests a collaboration with a TGO company, whom holds similar objectives, to help developing countries elevate their living qualities.



To create an opportunity proposal


Strategy, qualitative research, cultural research, creative thinking, entrepreneurship

Team Members

Mark Woo


We are a service not a product

World population will go up to 9 billion, and 70% of them will live in urban by 2050. This requires huge amount of lighting with energy efficiency.

Collaboration Project

The team decided to propose a project in Fevela. Brazil. Help the developing countries to have a better experience with the new zero waste zero cost energy generating system. As both companies focus on health, environment, energy and service, this is beneficial to both the companies and the world. 

Philips x TGO

Improve People's Lives in Various Ways


Social Purposes

Energy Saving

Help Developing Countries

Educate Energy Usage


Free Energy

Created by TGO's energy generating workout equipments gets sent to Philip's lighting and electricity infrastructure in the community. Creating sustainable zero cost energy